A fintech company had grown from zero to +200 employees in only four years – and expected to continue this rapid growth

Half of all the employees had been onboarded within the last six months in a trial & error way. The onboarding challenge was obvious.

Innovisor was asked by the CEO to determine how successful the onboarding process had been in the past as a baseline, and – more importantly – help create a set of best practices for future onboarding

The data showed a positive correlation between time with the company and their network position.
Employees with more than six months tenure did not connect with colleagues who had less than six months tenure, the so-called “newcomers”.
However, a small group of 14 “newcomers” had managed to break the hidden walls and established a far stronger network than their fellow “newcomers”
The company decided to:
  • Learn from conversations with the 14 “newcomers”. What did they do differently to get connected in the organization
  • Establish a set of best practices for faster onboarding based on the learnings from the 14 newcomers
  • Establish a discipline for connecting “newcomers” to more senior colleagues with central network positions in the organization