Organizational Insights from our Benchmark Database

Don’t ignore these essential insights if you want to succeed with your organizational change initiatives!
For more than a decade, we have helped our clients succeed with change by providing the needed insights! All this wisdom is stored in our benchmark database. It tells you how successful companies are organized, how their employees interact, and how their employee experience is.

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Some of our learnings from the benchmark database:

  • 3% of your employees drive the perception of up to 90% of their colleagues. Both the negative and the positive
  • Sense making happens, when we talk with our trusted peers – the 3% – not with our managers
  • Organizational agility can be increased by 20-25% by connecting the right individuals
  • Time-to-value add for a new employee can be accelerated by 10% by giving them access to the right network upfront
  • If a very energizing colleague resigns, then the probability of other colleagues resigning increase by up to 500%
  • Coherent teams, business units & organizations perform significantly better