The DE&I Network Tracker

Diversity is a fact, Inclusion is an act.

To design an impactful DE&I initiative, you need to understand how your team is doing now.

The only way to find out how your team is doing is by asking your people:

  • How do they interact with each other?
  • What biases are visible in those interactions?
  • How does the workplace experience differ between identity groups?

The DE&I Network Tracker gives you evidence-based insights on your team’s level of diversity, equality and inclusion. It exposes the pain points you need to act on. This enables you to make informed decisions about how to address existing biases, design your team’s DE&I training, and how to make company processes and policies equitable for your unique team.

Answer questions such as

  • How does your team currently score on equality and inclusion? Does it differ across hierarchy levels?​

  • How do biases play out in the networks and interactions between your team members?​

  • Does everyone feel they have equal value and opportunities?​

  • What are the most urgent pain points to address?​

  • 4-minute diagnostic distributed via email

  • Delivered as a score

  • One week from launch to delivery

  • Minimal time and data resources required

  • Available add-ons for broader insight

Price from (teams or organizations up to 150 people. Request price if more people):

  • 1990*
  • 2290*

*  The price includes one inclusion dimension. Choose the dimension(s) to shine a light on, such as age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, physical ability, and sexual orientation.

The DE&I Network Tracker is Expandable

Achieving inclusion is complex.
Get a more detailed understanding of your team with these add-ons:

  • Additional DE&I dimension for analysis –  € 490 / US$ 575 per attribute

  • Written analysis of the scorecards & recommended actions – € 1240 / US$ 1450

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