Innovisor is the recognized advisory within organizational network analysis.
We deliver organizational diagnostics and people analytics products and services to clients across the world.

Innovisor receives 2nd investment from the Danish Innovation Fund program InnoBooster to fast-track the move into Predictive Analytics – a move that brings even bigger value to clients as big data on network dynamics is leveraged.

May 2017

Innovisor enrolls in the Bersin by Deloitte Solution Provider Library as a leading solution provider within Organizational Network Analysis.

February 2017

Innovisor establishes itself in North America with Innovisor North America Inc.

May 2016

Innovisor receives 1st investment from the Danish Innovation Fund program InnoBooster to enhance core technology and benchmark database.

March 2016

Management buy-out allows Innovisor to refocus as a technology & algorithm based advisory. Innovisor moves back to the basement of the owner to recreate the start-up mentality.

September 2015

Innovisor solves Gordian knot in mathematical world and designs its first algorithm to identify the right “influencers” to engage at employee level, a.k.a. the #ThreePercentRule. The Danish Technological University support with the development of the necessary technology to run the algorithm.

February 2014

Innovisor establishes first partnership outside Denmark – Texas-based Savage Brands.

September 2013

Innovisor hits the headlines in international media.

December 2012

Danish Chamber of Commerce recognizes Innovisor with the prestigious award “Videnstafetten”.

May 2012

Innovisor is forced to find a differentiator to survive the financial crisis and identifies its current focus area

April 2009

Innovisor establishes as a general consulting company focused on Denmark only.

December 2007