Two out of three change initiatives fail.


Tailored solutions

Successful organizational change is about people

Your organization is a living and breathing organism – full of life. To survive and prosper the organization must constantly evolve and change to adapt. However, change will not happen until it makes sense to the people in the organization. Social structures impact how we live our lives, also inside organizations. They exist, regardless of if we acknowledge them or not. People with feelings and emotions interact with each other and develop informal networks. Work with them, rather than against them!

Organizational Charts vs Organizational Networks

Every organization is unique

Like snowflakes, no two organizations are exactly the same. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to deal with change. We work with a tailored approach, designing each network analysis to the specific business objective of our client. By working closely with our clients, we set them up for success with their organizational change initiatives!

Where to start?

To succeed with organizational change initiatives, you first need to establish the right foundation. This is where we come in. We believe in actions based on evidence, rather than shooting in the dark.

We ask your people, and listen carefully. Based on their input, we tell you who to engage in what, when and why in only three weeks. Successful change only requires mobilization of small group of individual employees. 3% shape the perceptions of up to 90% of their colleagues.

Our hard-core people data, algorithms, and predictive intelligence enable leaders
like you to prioritize actions and accelerate commitment to their change initiatives.

From woe to win

Two out of three change initiatives fail, among others due to lack of executive support, failure to explain the why, absence of commitment and because of inattention to organizational culture. Let your people become the fuel for your change.

We enable our clients to succeed with their change initiatives. We help organizations facing transformations, inefficient communication, organizational or leadership misalignment in addition to organizations that want to stay on top of the progress and ensure they work the best as they can do.

Don’t let your change initiatives fail. Trust the evidence-based approach. Book your free consultation today and let’s discuss how we can help you move from woe to win.

Ready to move from woe to win?


    Start on a smaller scale with
    our ready-to-go solutions

    Our ready-to-go solutions were each developed with a specific challenge in mind. Time is of the essence; – these solutions rely on minimal resources & effort on your end while still provide a quick turnaround of results. In just one week, you get data-based insights and actions to get on top of the challenge.