The Team Experience Diagnostic


Create the environment where connectivity meets wellbeing. This is where innovation and performance happen.

Answer questions such as:‚Äč

  • Is your team currently experiencing burnout? ‚Äč

  • How can you improve your team‚Äôs workplace experience?‚Äč

  • Who are the key people to connect to enhance cohesion?‚Äč

  • How can you support a culture of well-being?

  • How does your team experience compare to others?


Bridge the gap between leaders and employees

Now more than ever it is important to check in with your team to ensure they feel engaged and energized, not burned-out and lonely.

Your team’s networks and perceptions guide you on where to focus (and where not to focus) time and resources, to best impact employee experience.

Targeted and efficient insights to enhance team experience

  • Suitable for teams up to 150 people

  • 4-minute diagnostic distributed via email

  • One-week initiative, start-to-finish‚Äč

  • Results delivered as an easy-to-read scorecard, with actionable recommendations

  • Minimal time and data resources required

  • Voice-over/presentation of your results

In the sweet spot connectivity meets wellbeing AND innovation and performance happens

Team Experience Diagnostic

  • For teams from 15 to 50 people

  • 3995

Team Experience Diagnostic

  • For teams from 51 to 100 people

  • 6495

Team Experience Diagnostic

  • For teams from 101 to 150 people

  • 7995

Team Experience Diagnostic
for over 150 people?

The Team Experience Diagnostic is Expandable

With several different types of add ons you can make this solution as suitable for your organisation as possible:

  • Additional attribute (e.g. office location, WFH/HYBRID, nationality, ethnicity, age, tenure‚Ķ) ‚Äď ‚ā¨ 490 / US$ 575 per attribute
  • Written analysis of the scorecards & recommended actions – ‚ā¨ 1240 / US$ 1450


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