A US-based financial services company with almost 2,000 employees was struggling with a very hierarchical structure, which meant a very heavy and slow decision-making process.

The company wanted to involve the lower levels more.

Innovisor was brought in to identify the key influencers below management level essential to involve.

The Innovisor diagnostics confirmed that the organization was very hierarchical. 19 of the 20 top go-to people held managerial positions.
Innovisor discovered that the company through the right key influencers – 4% of the workforce – could reach 97% of its employees at the lower levels.
Innovisor data was also matched with employee engagement data. The key influencers were in fact key drivers of engagement. On subjects where they were more engaged, 10% on average, they pulled overall engagement 8% up. On subjects where key influencers were less engaged, -11% on average, they dragged the company down, -8% on average.
To improve the company’s employee engagement, the key influencers were activated through trustful conversations.
The key influencers were the informal opinion leaders and treated as such. They needed to understand and embrace the challenges and initiatives. If they could not make sense of them, no one would.
The direct link between key influencers and top management also made the organization more agile, since every layer skipped allowed for faster decision-making.

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