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We are your partner in change.

We believe that the future of organizations requires more involvement and commitment of your people. Our ambition is to transform organizations into more collaborative, agile, and human workplaces where people are recognized as the greatest asset.

At Innovisor, we put our team first because we know that happy employees lead to happy clients. We value the benefits of diversity and inclusion. Our colleagues, as well as our clients, come from all around the world. We rely on each and we believe that there is no ‘I’ in teamwork.

Why do I want to map the informal networks?

Why do I want to map the informal networks?

Meet Some Innovisors

Well-Being Warrior &
Burnout Buster
Hannah O’Connor

Change Whizz &
Top Banana
Jeppe Hansgaard

Collaboration &
Change Hacker
Richard Lalleman

Well-Being Warrior &
Burnout Buster
Hannah O’Connor

Change Whizz &
Top Banana
Jeppe Hansgaard

Collaboration &
Change Hacker
Richard Lalleman

Company history

The story of Innovisor begins in 2007.
During the financial crisis Organizational Network Analysis becomes Innovisor’s differentiator in the small Danish advisory market. This decision is taken during a company off-site to a beer fest in Stuttgart, Germany. Shortly after it – as a promotion – Innovisor lands a network analysis of two national soccer team matches in a Danish tabloid.
Clients talk about how the Innovisor approach to organizational networks enable them to succeed and break down the organizational barriers. Global pharma company Novo Nordisk shares its success story with leading financial Danish newspaper Børsen, and an American journalist, married to a Dane, picks up the article.
The American journalist republishes the article in CNN. The story goes viral. From CNN to Forbes, BBC, and Wall Street Journal. Wall Street Journal picks up Innovisor data on gender inclusion. Again the story goes viral. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook includes the story in her bestseller “Lean In”. The global potential of Innovisor becomes evident. First two US-based clients sign contracts with Innovisor - It is offical, Innovisor goes global!
CEO Jeppe Vilstrup Hansgaard carves out the Innovisor we know today – and eliminates general consulting services from its service portfolio. The first building block is the crafting of the algorithm known as the #ThreePercentRule, which requires solving a gordian knot in the mathematical world. The algorithm identifies the 3% of employees that shape the perceptions of up to 90% of their colleagues.
Innovisor wins its first Asian clients, receives its first backing from the Danish Innovation Fund, and starts up the practice of ‘pop-up offices’ in places, such as Italy.
Innovisor wins its first African clients, receives its second backing from the Danish Innovation Fund, and enters a SMART Collaboration agreement with the Danish Technology University.
Innovisor speaks at global conferences, such as the IABC World Conference in Montreal, Canada and the SIOP World Conference in Chicago, USA. Innovisor broadens its focus from networks & communities inside organizations to ecosystems.
Innovisor wins its first major tender from an IGO. Innovisor strengthens its focus on being a good corporate citizen and sets goals for 3 SDG’s. In the autumn, the decision to make ZERO travelling and ZERO use of paper is made. Innovisor completes development of its Predictive Intelligence solution, that tells you what you need to do to succeed with change AND what not to do.
The COVID pandemic hits. Innovisor develops an innovative solution to help teams to stay productive and connected while physically disconnected.
Innovisor now works with 40% of the worlds leading energy companies and 30% of the leading pharma companies.
Innovisor completes its global map by winning its first South American client and becomes a signatory to the Women's Empowerment Principles as an important part of its commitment to SDG 5 - Gender Equality. 
Innovisor revolutionizes how to succeed with change by identifying the #SixChangeBlockers, you must mitigate, if you want to win the change. On top of that, we launched the Innovisor Community - a practical and action-oriented community for past and current clients that gives access to exclusive events and resources
Today, Innovisor is the partner in change for bold leaders, who knows successful change requires the power of networks, communities, and ecosystems. Leaders who believe in the awesomeness of their people.

Our Principles

Your Success is Our Success

Change Success Calls for Evidence

We Always Keep Improving

We Always Go Beyond

Our Sustainable Goals

We are committed to empowering organizational success while being responsive to the needs of the global community we exist in. As a leader within our field, we work actively to contribute to the two carefully selected SDG goals to which we can have the greatest impact.

SDG 4 - Quality education

Quality Education

  • University guest lectures
  • Student job positions
  • Internship opportunities
  • Master thesis supervision

Gender Equality

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