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All organizations have informal networks beside the formal structures. Few leaders know how to leverage the interpersonal networks in organizations. We connect you to the intelligence and networks of your people, and turn this into a competitive advantage. Helping you succeed is our ultimate honor!

Benchmark your network structures against peers, and use the power of the world’s largest database in organizational network analysis to develop solutions that give you an edge!


Accelerate your organization with evidence-based actions based on more than a decade of learning. With a proven methodology and strong business logic, we help you succeed.


Get your network insights delivered by revolutionary algorithms such as the #ThreePercentRule. Let our machine learning and predictive intelligence solutions detect, what you need to succeed!

Innovisor is recognized throughout the globe for its work within the Organizational Network Analysis field.

Innovisor is proud to be recognized by Bersin by Deloitte as a leading solution provider within Organizational Network Analysis.

Innovisor is shortlisted on a global list containing the 2018 employee listening solutions.


See how we’ve helped our clients succeed with change and collaboration. Check case stories from different industries and both small and large organizations.

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“Innovisor provided the management team and me with unique insights to link our business and organisation even better.”

Corporate VP, Novo Nordisk

“Specifically, we would like to highlight the ability of the consultants to understand our business and the challenges within our specific line of work and the LEGO Group as a company.”

Senior Director, LEGO

”Without the insight provided by the analysis, I would not have been able to maximize the impact of our initiatives in such a precise and effective manner. This, for sure, is innovation in practice.”

VP Communications, Vestas

“Doing this has significantly paid off in terms of motivation and buy-in – two key drivers of effective change management.“

Chief Culture Officer, PCCA

“Top professional in all aspects of planning and execution. The analysis provides the perfect mix of insights you would expect and those extremely valuable ones you would not have expected.”

Director, Zealand Pharma


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