Learn how to improve connectivity and sales within the organization.

The Challenge

The client was a Fortune 500 company. The client was organized in four separate business units with no connection in-between

Innovisor researched the entire global organization consisting of more than 30,000 employees. Innovisor was – as part of the assignment – asked to undertake an explorative analysis of the 2nd largest country measured by full-time employees.

Specifically, Innovisor was asked to assess how its collaborative data correlated with the client’s sales performance data

Innovisor quickly established that the six sales units in the 2nd largest country – consisting of 2000+ full-time sales employees – had varying levels of connectivity.
Innovisor also established that there was very fragmented connectivity between regional and district sales managers.
The sales units with the highest connectivity were the teams with the best sales performance .
In two out of three cases, achieving higher connectivity was just a matter of connecting very few individuals.
One case showed that by only connecting four people the connectivity improved by 25%, which could improve sales by 30% according to simulations. The surprising connection between connectivity and sales performance was reconfirmed in all other major countries.
The conclusion was clear. The company had to stop promoting and acknowledging the lone wolves in the sales organizations, and start honoring the team players in the sales organizations.
  1. Connect the individuals recommended by Innovisor to achieve quick wins.
  2. Recalibrate how sales performance is evaluated by moving from acknowledging the lone wolves to acknowledging the team players and team performance as a whole

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