The core management team in a global manufacturing company had set up a management committee around them with 23 additional members.

The committee had clear responsibilities:

  1. Align and implement the decisions made by the management team
  2. Share best practices across functions
  3. Drive day to day business transformation

RED FLAG: the management committee did not live up to expectations. Innovisor was tasked to recalibrate the team

The data confirmed that misalignment was a big issue for the management committee – and the cause was to be found in the collaboration network:
  1. The collaboration network was 13% less coherent than the Innovisor Benchmark
  2. Cross-functional collaboration was weak
  3. Eight pairs, who were not currently collaborating, were found to pose a significant collaboration potential
  4. Simulation showed that the eight pairs would make a more coherent network 13% more than the Innovisor benchmark
Innovisor reignited the leadership team through 1:1’s, seating plans, groupings and carefully selected topics in a 4 hour workshop.
A predefined seating plan was used to break down barriers between functions.
The eight pairs had 1:1 talks and Innovisor made sure a mutual commitment to future collaboration was in place
A 4 person taskforce was set-up to define expectations for the management committee, so it aligned and moved in the same direction. Increased coherence was the long term hidden benefit of the task force