A global company brought in a new regional CEO to a unit, where 80% of employees were employed in sales.

The new CEO wanted to:

  1. Baseline collaboration across business units and functions as input for organizational redesign
  2. Understand how sales unit networks and sales performance correlated
  3. Know who he needed to engage with first. Who were the key influencers? and did those names resemble the list of talents from his predecessor
The informal network showed three important characteristics:
  1. Marketing was the only function that collaborated with sales
  2. Sales reps had a very fragmented network with seven separate clusters
  3. There was very little resemblance between the list of key influencers and the list of predefined talents
Correlation analysis showed that the best performing sales teams were those, where the office sales staff interacted the most with their field-based sales reps
Build coherence of sales teams by making collaboration part of their job description and make incentive scheme team-based.
Establish connection rhythm between office sales staff and field-based sales reps.
Engage influencers as ambassadors for the organizational redesign of the regional unit
Innovisor repeated the analysis one year later, and the results were clear:
  1. Sales had become the central department that all other collaborated with
  2. Sales team coherence and performance had improved

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