How do you make the invisible visible when you have no idea where to start?

From No Idea Where to Start to Crucial Insights and Actions

A shipping business with 1,500 seafarers on +50 vessels,
supported by almost 500 onshore employees, how to make invisible visibledid not know-how influence and collaboration
were spread between seafarers, onshore staff, and ranks.

Innovisor was tasked to make the invisible visible through an organizational network diagnostics.

Innovisor delivered, among other things, insights on who the key influencers were and
what their influence was on the overall shipping business.

What insights were revealed during the project?

The diagnostics provided crucial insights on how the influence flowed. There were three separate influence networks.

From no idea where to start to crucial insights and actions - networks

The #ThreePercentRule identified the key influencers among seafarers and onshore staff:

    1. 2.9% of seafarers influenced 86% of all 1,500 Asian & European seafarers
    2. 3.2% of onshore staff influenced 89% of all 500 onshore staff

The key influencers among onshore staff had a negative attitude towards working for the shipping business.

What actions were taken?

Always consider the following for future communications efforts:

    • Communicate to each of the three separate networks specifically
    • Work with the influencers, both among seafarers and onshore staff,
      to disseminate information throughout the organization
    • Address the negative attitude of the onshore influencers immediately

Track the attitude of the key influencers and address potential negativity.

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