A pharmaceutical company with +500 employees underwent a merge with another company.

The merge was recognized as the best national post-merger integration program by its own people.

The company however struggled to unite the organization and realize the intended synergies.

Collaboration was strong within groups; weak between groups and management.
The most valued and critical colleague within one group was an experienced project manager with a time-limited contract – unknown to management.
Collaboration within groups was however highly dependent on legacy organizational relationships.
A major barrier for collaboration was the dispersion of physical locations.
Innovisor identified 20 key influencers who could reach 72% of the organization.
Apply the fact-based findings from the network diagnostic to eliminate resistance to change from primarily those who operate on the second level of management.
Mobilize leadership team to drive stronger collaboration and improved leader relationships.
Include the 20 key influencers in retention plans and talent management programs.
Use insights on collaboration to design the layout and employee location in the new organizational domicile.

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