A community focused on product management – within a global manufacturing company – struggled with collaboration, alignment and involvement.

A new head of the community was brought in to optimize and lead the global community in the right direction

The new head decided to use Innovisor to get the full overview of involvement and collaboration in the community before planning the way forward


The initial data confirmed the lack of knowledge around involvement in the community: the community was found to be twice the size of the initial scope
The second round of data analysis showed:

  1. The full overview of who is involved
  2. Very central people in the network spent less than 10% of their time on it
  3. Less than 50% knew where to find relevant data and information
  4. There was no collaboration across geographical regions in the community
Innovisor recommended four steps to establish a Center of Excellence structure to facilitate collaboration and best practice sharing in the community.
The first step was to work with the identified core members to establish the Center of Excellence
The second step was to task the Center of Excellence with establishing clarity around information sharing
The third step was to use network insight to select supporting members who need to be involved in the community
The fourth step was to communicate clearly how and when they should be involved

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