This case explains how an oil & gas company successfully restructured its organization with the support of the internal influencers and connectors who were hidden in the informal organization

From Firm Hierarchy To Collaborative Matrix Organization

A global oil and gas company planned to transform the company from a hierarchical structure to a matrix organization structure to remain competitive. They needed thorough assessment of the effectiveness of one business unit. This would then be used as a blueprint for transforming all other business units in this global company. This assessment was focused on the collaborative structures and was two-folded. The first part was to run the assessment  before the transformation and the second part was rerun this assessment two years later. As a result, the company could accurately assess the effectiveness and success of the transformation.


The assessment resulted in three insights that resulted in actions:

Three Key insights from ONA

The transformation was not all but positive news when assessing the collaboration networks. The collaboration with the onshore organization had decreased by 15%. This was a matter of concern that needed to be tackled right away, because especially the platform supervisors needed to be connected to the onshore support functions.


Based on the above insight, the company new they were on the right track. This resulted in two clear actions:

  • They sustained the transformation activities.
    • Firstly, by continuously improving collaboration and integration. The focus on these improvements were on the identified weak spots.
    • Secondly, by emphasizing on the value of collaboration and coordination by leadership. They all needed to be aligned on this so that they could role model the right behavior
    • Thirdly, by tracking and monitoring the transformation through the Innovisor Change Tracker. This tracking was done on both organizational and leadership level.
  • They developed new transformation activities.
    • Some of the new transformation activities that proved to be successful, were about connecting the Platform Supervisor to the onshore offices, and establishing physical collaboration hubs to allow the right individuals to connect.

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