A global oil and gas company planned to transform the company from a hierarchical structure to a matrix organization structure to remain competitive.

A thorough assessment of the effectiveness of one business unit resulted in a blueprint for transforming all other business units.

By analyzing the collaborative structure before the transformation – and again two years later – Innovisor could accurately assess the effectiveness and success of the transformation.


OverallThe data showed that the move from hierarchy to matrix organizations had increased collaboration by 40%

LeadershipThe collaboration network among leaders had become 10% more coherent, despite having increased complexity due to the newly established matrix organization

Platform Supervisors:

  • Collaboration among Platform Supervisors had increased by 20% – an important improvement to share complex knowledge
  • BUT, collaboration with the onshore organization had decreased by 15% – a real matter of concern

Sustain transformation activities through:

  • Continuously improve collaboration and integration – start with the identified weak spots
  • Leadership continue to emphasize the value of collaboration and coordination
  • Track and monitor the transformation – both at organizational and leadership level

Further develop transformation activities through:

  • Connect the Platform Supervisors to onshore offices
  • Establish physical collaboration hubs to allow the right individuals to connect