A professional services company wanted to regain its position as market leader within its service capabilities.

They called it the ‘winning-in-the-market’ strategy.

The aim was to get a seamless integration of the service capabilities.

18 months earlier they had added an additional capability by acquiring a niche player for a high price. The acquisition grew their workforce by 11% and completed its service portfolio.

Innovisor was asked to diagnose if the integrated capabilities generated the anticipated new business.


Innovisor revealed three obstacles to the successful execution of the ‘winning-in-the-market’ strategy:

  1. Majority of new business was generated and developed within the service capabilities;
  2. Cross-collaboration only happened at the manager level;
  3. The capability acquired 18 months earlier had not been integrated into the company. It had resulted in no added value because the acquired company was still a ‘silo’.

A bidding function for major bids across service capabilities was established to ensure the integration of service capabilities in all bids for new business.

Leadership took responsibility for activities to get the acquired company integrated amongst others by connecting key players through strategy activities.

Internal resource planning enforced cross-collaboration into the resource allocation.

The company quickly started to win again, as it became better at integrating its entire service portfolio in its offerings to its clients.

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