From Untapped Potentials To Effective Leadership Summit

A global biotechnology company was on the brink of leadership summit for its top leaders. This isn’t just any gathering; it’s a symposium of innovation, empowerment, and collaboration. 30% of these leaders were women and a substantial 60% were leaders from the company’s headquarters.

Innovisor was tasked with strategically group these leaders by different purpose, aiming to steer the company towards greater success.

The summit theme was connectivity and team building. This thread had to run through every aspect, infusing each interaction with collaborative energy. To make this a reality, the groups had to be carefully formed and each session had to foster innovation and purposeful engagement.

A Unique Leadership Edge

Innovisor discovered a game-changing revelation. The company outperformed all other leadership groups stored in the Innovisor Benchmark Database© over the years. It boasted an impressive 29% precedence in coherence and agility compared to other leadership groups. 

The secret? A two-year focus on connectivity which had paid off. However, there was still untapped connectivity and inclusion potential, waiting to be unlocked.

Turning Potential into Progress

The insights were used to build the right groups for the right purposes at the leadership summit while realizing the untapped potential.

Innovisor turned insights into action through strategic moves:

  • New Bonds: Groups formed based on no/limited connectivity and diversity to strengthen connectivity;
  • Smart Seating: Leaders, who were the closest connected, where seated together at the summit dinner;
  • Focused Breakouts: Smaller breakout groups based on tenure level, diversity and who needed to define the company’s culture.

This summit became a study in connectivity, collaboration, and achievement.

The verdict: Leadership summits, when executed well, can serve as a stimulant to collaboration across the entire organization, aligning management to develop solutions, strategies, and connections.

Author: Hannah O'Connor

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