Leadership summits, when executed well, can serve as a stimulant to collaboration across the entire organization, aligning management to develop solutions, strategies, and connections.

From Untapped Potentials To Effective Leadership Summit

A global biotechnology company planned a leadership summit for its top leaders. 30% were women, and 60% were from the country’s headquarter.

Innovisor was asked to identify who to group together for what purpose.

One of the themes during the leadership summit was around connectivity and team building.
Hence, the requirements for the group constellations then differed depending on the purpose in all sessions


Innovisor discovered that the company outperformed all other leadership groups analyzed and stored in the Innovisor Benchmark Database© over the last years. Truly world class!

The leadership group was 29% more coherent and agile than other leadership groups. Amongst others due to a tremendous focus on the importance of connectivity in the last two years, which had paid off.

Still, there was untapped connectivity and inclusion potential between individual leaders to be tapped into.


The insights were used to build the right groups for the right purposes at the leadership summit while realizing the untapped potential.

The Innovisor insights resulted in:

  1. Groups formed based on no/limited connectivity and diversity to strengthen connectivity;
  2. Leaders, who were the closest connected, where seated together at the summit dinner;
  3. Smaller breakout groups based on tenure level, diversity and who needed to define the company’s culture.

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