As part of a company-wide modernization, a regional unit – approximately 800 employees – of a leading global energy business needed to improve their setup for sharing lessons and best practices.

They suspected they had real issues with collaboration and knowledge sharing – particularly across functions and locations.

They chose Innovisor as partner to make sure they got thorough insight into both the formal and the informal relationships in the organization.


Data revealed that the collaboration barrier was not function nor location – it was TENURE:

  1. Employees took 6 years to become fully integrated into the network –  benchmark shows it normally takes just 2;
  2. Employees with more than 10 years in  the company did not connect to coworkers with less than 10 years.

24 future mentors were identified based on their strong network position as well as their high tenure of minimum 10 years in the company.


Revise the onboarding strategy to speed up the integration of new employees so they can start creating real value much sooner:

  1. Pair the identified mentors with new hires so they can leverage their network and experience;
  2. Make reverse mentoring an integral part of the mentorship program – the learning process is a two-way street.

Track the network to:

  1. Assess and calibrate the new onboarding strategy;
  2. Identify the next mentors.

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