Why Your NEWCOMERS Do Not Generate Value Fast Enough! – And What You Can Do About It!

You have spent thousands of dollars in form of advertisements, job fairs, and search & selection…

You have spent months on reviewing applications, interviewing, testing, and discussing candidates…

And you have finally signed a contract with your ideal candidate after a cumbersome negotiation of a 30-page contract…

Now you really want your newcomer to generate value to your business as fast as possible! The value you expect them to.

Who do you want your NEWCOMERS to meet on their first day?

You have planned a corporate onboarding program.

The new candidate needs to meet the team, the immediate manager, attend a few corporate introductory classes, and so forth. All structured and planned.

But who will take your newcomer for lunch, and socialize with the new employee at the water cooler? – Is it the high performer?

You would hope that, but I am sorry to reveal the ugly truth to you. It is probably not!

The NEWCOMER is socializing with your LOW PERFORMERS

In a recent case Innovisor diagnosed a global company with +7000 employees.

The insights were surprising!

When we merged our Innovisor ONA network data with the available organizational performance data, we learned that:

  • High performers spend most of their interaction capacity on other high performers
  • Solid performers interacted primarily with other solid performers, and very limited with the high performers.

Not really surprising!

The surprise was that the newcomers predominantly interacted with the low performers.

In other words, the NEWCOMERS were welcomed by the LOW PERFORMERS.

“But why?”, you might ask.

Good question, and I cannot give you an universal answer.

I do, however, know that people preferably interact with people like themselves, or with people they aspire to be like (Read another example here – Who Are You Collaborating With? Chances Are, She Is Just Like You).So high performers prefer to interact with other high performers, and that solid performers aspire to interact with high performers.

The newcomers do not have a company track record yet, they do not have any credibility yet… and the trust of the high and solid performers has to be earned.

So the newcomers are not even on the radar for solid performers and high performers. Instead the newcomers are reaching out to the low performers, who in return welcome that their opinions and thoughts are sought out.

It is the low performers who have lunch with the newcomers!

What is the learning?

To me the learning is that you have to be much more disciplined about, how your onboarding program should build the right relations for your newcomer.

If you have a laissez-faire approach to building the rights internal relations, you miss an important opportunity for value generation.

Like in the network example below. Who do you want your newcomer to meet first? A or B. You probably prefer B. And you certainly do not want them to connect to anyone at the periphery.

The learning is that it is only by connecting your newcomers to the right people in the organization that your newcomer can generate value fast. Doing that requires discipline!