Growth Readiness Assessment:
Now They Know …
So They Can Grow!

Are We Ready To Grow Again?

A technology scale-up required a fast assessment.

Were they ready to grow again?
Were the new joiners sufficiently integrated into the organization?
Was there an energy surplus available for the next jump?
Were the conditions right for a new growth phase?

This was the challenge the client came to Innovisor with. We recommended employing our People Connectivity Accelerator to reveal the blind spots and friction to be dealt with, and to get actionable insights in just one calendar week and with minimal investment of time & resources from the client. A true ready-to-go-solution.

The Conditions For Growth Were Not In Place

So, were they ready to grow?

At Innovisor, we believe that growth is not just about having a great product or service. It is also about having the right conditions for growth. At first glance, the conditions looked great! The team appeared to be agile and well-connected, and the sentiment was positive among staff.

A deep dive revealed another story. Two functions that were designed to work together were not operating as one, and the connections across locations were primarily going through people leaders. This was friction to the collaboration. The employees also lacked mechanisms and principles to help them stay connected as they were growing.

A Blind Spot For Leadership

Even more concerning was the fact that the first country expansion outside the headquarters was poorly connected with headquarters. This was a time-ticking problem waiting to explode unless immediately fixed. A true blind spot for leadership, which surprised them enormously when they saw the data.

Innovisor opened their eyes during the debrief session, and also showed them how the problem was best solved together with and by their people including naming the people to engage in the next steps.

Finetuning To Thrive In Next Growth Phase

The company is now taking nimble action on the findings from the People Connectivity Accelerator. The evidence-based action that helps them to be better positioned in its next growth phase.

At Innovisor, we’re passionate about helping companies achieve their potential by arming them with the insights and solutions they need to succeed.

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Author: Hannah O'Connor

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Hannah O’Connor

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