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Janek Saunders – Strategy Manager at Ørsted

Learn how the organizational network diagnostic helped the Global Talent Acquisition Team with the first step before thinking about how they needed to be organized in the future. Janek tells that “the network analysis insights have been super valuable, because – among other things – it created a lot more substance and a lot more weight”.

Listen to his answers through these small videos:

Orsted client testimonial
Cluid Housing client testimonial

Cara Ryan, Director of Operations at Cluid Housing

Cluid Housing is a national, small-to-medium size business in Ireland with 31 locations across the country.

Learn how Cluid Housing benefitted from their work with Innovisor by watching the below videos:

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RCCD client testimonial

Jeannie Kim, PhD – the Associate Vice-Chancellor for Grants and Economic Development at Riverside Community College District

Learn how an Organizational Network Analysis helped an ecosystem of public and private stakeholders in the Inland Empire – a region Southern California of the United States – even though they had “only limited time and resources available“, by watching the videos below: