Q. Is this only for big companies?
A. No. The smallest group we have worked with was 13 people.

Q. How quickly can I have the results?
A. You can have the results and recommended actions in 3 weeks.

Q. All companies are unique. Are your products 100% standardized?
A. No. We want you to succeed and we know we can best enable that, if we tailor our products to your specific ambitions & needs.

Q. Can you work in other languages than English?
A. Yes. We have worked with many different languages, such as Chinese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, German, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Greenlandic, Icelandic, and Swedish. Just let us know!

Q. Can you deliver your services anywhere in the world?
A. Yes. We serve our clients all over the world. So far, our clients have been headquartered in about 25 different countries across all continents.

Q. Is this only for white-collar workers?
A. No. It is great for both white- and blue-collar workers. The insights a shipping company got from the networks within and between blue-collar workers on more than 50 vessels were indispensable. Or the insights an oil & gas company got about how workers on its offshore rigs were connected to the onshore offices. Or the manufacturing company who understood how the engagement of factory workers was shaped by a few individuals on the factory floor. The insights led to actions that helped our clients become more successful.

Q. You say you have benchmark data. What do you mean?
A. We have the world’s biggest benchmark database in our field. We have run organizational network analyses since 2007. This has generated a huge amount of knowledge, which will help you succeed. From how companies are structured formally and informally, to what the engagement and perceptions are within the different companies.

Q. Is my data safe with you?
A. Yes. Data privacy and ethical behavior runs in our veins. We store all data in the EU.

Q. My people have limited access to computer. Can you still work with us?
A. Yes. We collect the data in the way that suits your needs the best. From e-mail surveys, to kiosks and the distribution tablets to lorry drivers to a paper questionnaire. We will find the solution that best fits your needs.

Q. How do you price your services?
A. We always give a fixed price, so you know exactly what to budget with.

Q. Do you comply with GDPR?
A. Yes. We are fully compliant with GDPR and have always passed client audits with flying colors. More detail is available in the Data Privacy & Ethics Policy.