The 125 FTE biotech company had entered several high-profile partnerships with Big Pharma companies, which it now had to deliver upon to satisfy its investors and stakeholders.

The ability to deliver was troubled by missing collaboration between Research and Development, which due to significant growth were no longer aligned on priorities and strategic direction.

The new CXO was brought in to reconnect the two business units and deliver on the external promises made.
The board gave him 90 days to deliver a credible plan.


Innovisor diagnosed the company and presented the CXO with essential organizational insights two weeks before his first day in the company.

With this, the new CXO had invaluable insights:

  • Who the key influencers that should comprise the change team were;
  • How the priorities and strategic direction were perceived in Research and Development;
  • Which employees held critical positions in the collaborative network and were therefore critical to have on the core team;
  • How the company was looking vs the best-in-class in the Innovisor ONA Benchmark?

The new CXO spent the first 10 days engaging the key people identified together with key members of his leadership team.

The following weekend the CXO synthesized his initial thoughts and shared his findings with the board Monday, who confirmed and added context.

He then brought the core team together with his key leaders for a two-day workshop, where he framed the overall plan – and they filled out the details.

The plan was approved by the board after 50 days – 40 days ahead of time, and then shared with the four key influencers to help drive its implementation successfully.

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