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The Challenge

The Marketing community, with +300 people in +45 countries, of a global manufacturing company, struggled to share knowledge and best practices across.

To design the optimal setup the company needed to get hard data on the issue.

Specifically, they needed to know:

  1. how do the employees collaborate across regions and countries;
  2. who are the real experts that need to be included in the knowledge hubs;
  3. what changes were necessary from the employees’ point of view.

The data confirmed the need for rethinking the community. Specifically, three findings made it clear that the setup that supports the sharing of knowledge and best practices needed attention:

  1. Employees expressed dissatisfaction with the structure around collaboration and knowledge sharing – 7% below benchmark;
  2. One region – AMERICAS – was completely disconnected from the rest;
  3. Countries – even within regions – were not collaborating.

Promote sharing of knowledge and best practices across locations through the following short- and long-term actions.

In the short term, break down geographical boundaries by bringing the identified connectors together on select projects:

  1. First, connect countries within regions;
  2. Second, establish connection between regions.

In the long term, leverage the position of the identified experts in the setup of global knowledge hubs that promote and sustain collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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