In module 5, leaders are taught how to build influence. The #ThreePercentRule of Innovisor is part of this important part.

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August 18, 2022

Innovisor and its #ThreePercentRule is mentioned in this ground-breaking book. The author of this book, leadership expert Alicia McKay teaches leaders to focus on the things they don’t teach you at business school. Module 5 is all about influence and how to have meaningful influence. That is where there is a special reference to the #ThreePercentRule. That is one of the ways to become an effective leader – without needing an MBA or cutting  through the “MBA crap”.

We just love the comment shared by Seth Godin on the cover:

waiting two years for a piece of paper isn’t required to make a difference. Start where you are and start now.

This is exactly why we are the fastest in identifying the 3% who influence up to 90%, and then knowing what to do with them – and what NOT to do with them.

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