When Solutions Are So Basic That They Keep Getting Ignored 

One of our multi-year clients keeps coming back to us just to hear the exact same message:
“This is what you need to focus on to succeed, and you should forget about all these other things!”
The solutions are simple. Focus on the basics.  

So simple that the leaders cannot believe it, and every year dream up new, complex initiatives that take their focus away from the basics. We are of course happy that they keep coming back to us with more work, but we are also frustrated that they are not gaining the full value from our prescriptive intelligence solution that they should. 

The Innovisor prescriptive intelligence solution: 

  • Assess how likely they are to succeed with their objectives based on a multitude of parameters with the wingman/wingwoman scorecard. 
  • Shows through a key driver analysis what drives the success with the objective and the impact variables for these drivers.  
  • Lastly it dictates the interventions for success based on the #SixChangeBlockers framework. 

You can also call this the recipe for success. Anything that is not part of the above should be ignored. 

Every time we have shown them the exact same recipe.

  • #ChangeBlocker 1: Get your leadership team connected and onboard with your objectives. A meeting routine does not exist anymore. It started with the CEO not showing up. Now nobody shows up… though the meeting has not been removed from the calendar.
  • #ChangeBlocker 3: Activate and engage your key stakeholders – the 3% that shape the commitment of the 90% – and the leaders. ‘Busy’ schedules have made it possible to avoid this.
  • #ChangeBlocker 5: Make the leadership team own the objective collectively!
  • #ChangeBlocker 6: Retain the project team to deliver on the recipe. So far it has been dissolved and recreated on an annual basis.

Somehow, they keep ignoring it.

We have seen this as a message to work on our communication skills. Year by year we have removed all wrapping of our messaging. It is so direct by now that we can only think of (self)sabotage as the reason for not acting on it.

We cross our fingers that next time will be different. They have promised us it will.

Jeppe Vilstrup Hansgaard

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Jeppe Hansgaard

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