Get to know the unknowns!

It requires a joint effort from multiple actors to achieve positive societal change. Everyone must be committed to the cause, from governmental institutions to for-profit and non-profit organizations of all sizes and even individuals as volunteers. Promoting such a change and coordinating such a wide range of actors is, therefore, a great challenge. It requires you to focus on and fully understand several types of actors in your network. Some of them you know, others you have heard of, and the rest are unknown.

But how can you activate and coordinate these actors? And how can you know them all?

Organizational Network Analysis provides a solution, by enabling you to explore connections outside of your horizon.

Map it to see the full picture!

A returning client reached out to Innovisor, to map the actors working on their cause. Within only a week, Innovisor outlined their internal team, the stakeholders that were known to them, and actors who were unknown to them and worked on their cause. 25% of the network has been unknown!

The network visual, shown above, illustrates the high number of unknown actors! These people were not previously known to our client, yet they have been informally connected in a network for the same cause.

Next comes activation!

Just knowing your unknowns is not enough. It is necessary to activate and connect them to the rest of your networks. Strategies were provided to the client to connect the entire network, both known and unknown, facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing across different entities, to ensure their network can work jointly together toward their cause.

After only one week, the leaders of the non-profit organization were

  • Aware of the actors in the informal network that supports their cause
  • Ready to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing across different entities
  • Equipped to synchronize their efforts and get the most out of each entity to make a change

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Lilla Tóth

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