Maximize Connectivity Value of Off-Site:
18% Improvement in 1 day

Connectivity is essential for success. Strong team connectivity enhances knowledge sharing, innovation, the feeling of belongingness, and overall productivity. Connected teams ALWAYS perform better.

On the other hand, a fragmented team risks working in silos, misunderstandings, wasting resources, and often face lower engagement.

Most leaders intuitively know this, as they prioritize getting their people together for offsite events. But they fail to build connectivity as they ignore the facilitation and discipline needed. Connectivity does not magically happen by placing people in the same room.

Connectivity does not magically happen by placing people in the same room

An executive and long-term client of Innovisor knew this, so she reached out to us. Her goal was to orchestrate their off-site, so connectivity was maximized.

The first step Innovisor took was to build a baseline understanding of the team’s connectivity ahead of the offsite through a short 3-minute online diagnostic.

66% of team members saw a potential but did not act on it

The team was off to a great start. It was clear that the executive had prioritized connectivity in her leadership, as it beat the Innovisor benchmark for connectivity by 24%.

However, there is always room for improvement as the benchmark is determined by a lot of companies struggling with connectivity. 66% of team members also indicated that they could become more effective if they could connect more with named individuals within the team. So, what stopped them from reaching out.

The diagnostic also indicated that team members were not familiar with their colleagues’ expertise. Others indicated that they did not know when to share their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues.

Intentional activities improve another 18%

Our goal was to improve connectivity, by pairing individuals in 1:1 and establishing the right groups. Offsite participants were matched with colleagues with whom they had never collaborated before and quickly realized new ways in which they could help each other. With knowledge of who to reach out to and practical insights into how to collaborate better, the team was now ready to work together efficiently.

The intentional offsite activities improved connectivity by a further 18%, so it was now 51% better than the Innovisor benchmark. 

Do you want to maximize your team connectivity during your next offsite?

What’s in it for you?

An Innovisor Off-site Network Accelerator is the right tool for you as a leader of about 50 people, if:

  • You believe in team connectivity
  • You want to improve your team connectivity
  • You want to show the measurable impact of your off-site

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