79% of isolated employees left within 2 years: Work with People Networks to Win on Retention

Retention is a network matter. Employee isolation makes people leave. Trust, energy, and connection make them stay. Learn more from this case

Scale-for-Growth Challenge: How to Build Structure in a Flat Organization

Often, we have organizations coming to us to assist them in becoming less hierarchical, and to find the informal influencers who are not visible in the org chart, nor to top management. Not this [...]

Addressing the Challenges of Managing Change – PM Healthcare Journal

This is an external article published in the PM Healthcare Journal and talks about why change can be so challenging, the reasons for this, and some practical strategies to improve how we can embrace and adapt to change - among other things the #ThreePercentRule.

Rapid Expansion Requires State-of-the-Art Stakeholder Engagement

This case describes how a global medical device company developed and implemented a state-of-the-art stakeholder engagement approach to tackle one of its important risks while expanding rapidly: its communication

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