Top 3 Articles & Visual Short Stories from 2018

Wow, what a year 2018 was?!?

This weekend, when I was reflecting on the year 2018, I got overwhelmed. So many things had changed that I needed to consult with the pictures on my phone to grasp it all. The pictures gave me some relief! Critical things had stayed the same. Like my family (thank you), my morning runs (thank you) and critical members of the Innovisor team (thank you).

The year was full of activities, and I had less time to share insights, learning & stories from the Innovisor world.

I promise to change that in 2019. I believe it is critical that more people understand and learn from, what we discover on an everyday basis in our work with the greatest companies I can imagine (thank you, again!).

Anyhow… Here are my top-3 articles & visual short stories from the year 2018. The visual short stories have been added in 2018, as I introduced them as an alternative format to communicate quicker, when I was running short of time. I hope you like them.