The Concrete Benefits of Social Collaborative Learning – A Case Study for Social Learning of Effective Collaborative Behaviors

One of our clients has shared a practical case story on how they have used our services to become laser-focused in who to engage in what and when.

Addressing the Challenges of Managing Change – PM Healthcare Journal

This is an external article published in the PM Healthcare Journal and talks about why change can be so challenging, the reasons for this, and some practical strategies to improve how we can embrace and adapt to change - among other things the #ThreePercentRule.

COVID created a lost generation – English and Spanish article published by Future For Work Institute

Our latest research on the effects of COVID-19 is published in Spanish by the Future For Work Institute: "Investigaciones llevadas a cabo por Innovisor muestran que la pandemia ha creado una «generación perdida» similar dentro de las empresas de todo el mundo"

Interview Hilton Barbour, Kognitiv & Hemerson Paes, Roche – Building a Culture of Self-Organizing Teams at Pharmaceutical Giant Roche

March 20, 2021 "What has been fascinating to watch is to see how the learning and unlearning happens inside an organization, a team, a region. We’ve been very active in mapping these networks, [...]

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