Interview Hilton Barbour, Kognitiv & Hemerson Paes, Roche – Building a Culture of Self-Organizing Teams at Pharmaceutical Giant Roche

March 20, 2021 "What has been fascinating to watch is to see how the learning and unlearning happens inside an organization, a team, a region. We’ve been very active in mapping these networks, [...]

Make the Most of Your Partners’ Potential – Foster a Culture to Support Senior-level Mentoring February, 2015 " ... to get detailed, objective data to undertake rigorous empirical research, we conducted a network survey of partners’ mentoring behaviors inside a prominent international law firm. We teamed [...]

A series of tsunamis are underway: leaders must learn how to surf the waves July 19, 2013 "With few exceptions, the business models that organizations use to manage processes and people date from the industrial era. They were invented for mass‐production of inputs into outputs [...]

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